Streamline Ballot Requests

Simplify the Ballot Request Process

Tired of handling paper Ballot Applications? With our Vote Remote software, your staff can process large volumes of Ballot Applications electronically. Send voters to a secure website where they can complete the Absentee Ballot application online, sign it electronically, and receive confirmation when they submit it. Your office then receives the application and uses workflow tools to streamline the work and to monitor progress.

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Simplified Voter Experience

View on Any Device

The Ballot Request Form is viewable on all devices, making it easy for applicants to use their preferred platform.

Sign with Electronic Signature

Once the Ballot Application is completed, a signature box pops up to allow the voter to sign using their finger or mouse.

Receive Confirmation & Download PDF

Immediately after clicking Submit, the voter is notified that their application has been processed and is given the option to download or print the completed form.

Streamlined County Workflow

Application is Verified

Once the voter submits the form, the workflow begins.

  • The clerk is notified by email or text that the form has been submitted and saved in the database.
  • The application is placed in a queue for processing and is distributed to a staff member or a team for processing.
  • The person processing the document verifies the information and checks the signature against MCVR for validity, then marks it approved.
  • Metadata is captured in the database and can be used to generate reports and aid with other work.

Ballots Mailed to Voters

After the application has been approved and MCVR is updated, absentee ballots are mailed to the voters. Upon receipt of the ballot envelopes in the Election Office, the software scans the envelopes, date and time stamps the voter’s record, and allows multiple people to review and approve or reject the ballots electronically. Integration with MCVR will significantly reduce work required by clerical staff.

Beyond Ballots

This software not only works for processing absentee and mail in ballots, it can also be configured to help manage the process of recruiting and selecting election workers and the associated documents. This application can also be used for HR, including managing application, selection, and onboarding documents for new employees, and secure storage of confidential payroll records. In addition, the records management feature allows identification and destruction of documents after the retention period.

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